Rynew Thank You Event 2017

Each year we take the time to thank everyone involved in making Rynew a success, and this is no exception.  We had a fabulous evening celebrating with clients, partners, contractors, staff and all those people who help make Rynew work.  We also had our awards, a chance to thank and celebrate with those people who have gone above and beyond for Rynew.  Each year it gets more difficult to select just one person for each category as we have some many wonderful people who work with us.  You can see 2017 winners below and we will look forward to seeing you next year.

Employee of the Year - Amy Rowe

This is always hard, as we value all our staff and the tremendous effort they put on to make Rynew work.  This year without doubt we had to give this accolade to Amy Rowe.  Amy has been at the heart of all the good that we do as a business despite some challenging times, this never altered her delivery or commitment to service delivery.  Both liked and valued by her colleagues, not to mention the feedback we have received fro our customers.  As a result of Amy’s contribution in 2017 Amy received a promotion to Property Manager, and I am sure you will be hearing and seeing more of Amy in 2018.  Thanks for all the great work.

Partner of the Year - Ed Ellis

Ed Ellis has been an invaluable partner to Rynew over the years and has been instrumental in helping our clients tackle complicated building defects.  Ed single handedly helped a client save £25 million.  Feedback from clients and other professionals we have engaged with is always positive, we receive nothing but praise for his attention to detail.  Highly respected by many professionals who have had the pleasure of working with him.


Contractor of the Year - AC Test

Louis and AC Test continually receive outstanding feedback from our clients, not only for the incredible work and service they provide but how genuinely pleasant and helpful they are.  It is a real pleasure handing this award over to Louis for his dedications, hard work and commitment to servicing our clients.  Well Done!

Client of the Year - Rainbow Quay

Our clients are the life blood of our business and help us deliver better services by pushing us to do better.  Simon Foster,Chairman of Rainbow Quay is instrumental in helping us manage this site.  His dedication to help his fellow leaseholders by managing the many issues that arise deserves high recognition.  We thoroughly enjoy working with out clients, and this partnership has been a pleasure.  Thank you Simon and Rainbow Quay for giving us the opportunity to work with you.