Rynew Annual Thank You Event 2016

What an amazing way to celebrate a fantastic year.  This is our forth annual thank you evening, this year we wanted to say a special thanks to some people so decided to create awards to give recognition to those people who have given their continued support over the year.

Our awards include;

Partner of the year

Client of the year

Contractor of the year

Employee of the year

Rynew values the input and efforts of all parties that go into making Rynew deliver a good service.  We are looking forward to celebrating with you next year.


Partner of the year 2016 - Foulds Solicitors

David Foulds and his team provide fantastic support to the Rynew team and our clients and have been behind us every step of the way.  It was a great pleasure to present David with this award to recognise his team’s hard work over the years, who also pay a key role in helping us manage developments accordance to the terms of lease.

Client of the year 2016 - Newbury Central East Management Company Ltd

Rynew’s first ever client, NCE, started this journey with us and have shown great support for the Rynew business and how we have grown and changed our service over the years.  We have a fantastic working relationship with the board of directors and value their feedback and involvements.


Contractor of the year 2016 - Elite Pest Control

Darren Cox, owner of Pest Control has been a true ambassador of the Rynew business.  His commitment to ensure customer service is delivered when serving our customers is to be admired, we often receive emails and calls from customers praising the outstanding service they have received.  Going above and beyond is embedded at Elite.

Employee of the year - Tony Ellis

We thought our thank you event would be the perfect opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of our team, and it was a great pleasure presenting Tony with the Employee of the year award.  Tony joined in early 2016 and has been the driving force behind tackling problems head on, having a ‘builders eye’ and construction knowledge gives reassurance to our clients.  It has been a pleasure working with Tony over the past year.