January Newsletter

Christmas seems like a distant memory now as we have hit the ground running so far in 2018 and we are looking forward to sharing with you more in the coming months.

Work/Life Balance

We started 2018 by introducing a better work/life balance for our employees by adopting a remote working policy for all staff.

Remote working for Rynew means the team can work from home/or a place they are comfortable in, and through technology, we can offer exactly the same level of services you come to expect.

This supports our ability to recruit skilled workers and scale the business when taking on new clients while providing a better work/life balance for staff.

Having invested heavily in the infrastructure of the business over past few years, are systems support remote working and provide better flexibility for all of our stakeholders.

The team meet every Wednesday morning to discuss overall performance and the needs of the staff and as a result we have amended our weekly working hours to accommodate this, see below.

New Office Hours

Our new office hours are:

08:30am – 17:00pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
10:30am – 17:00pm Wed

24/7 out of hours emergencies

This new way of working also supports our desire to pursue an accreditation’s such as  ‘Investors in People’ which demonstrates our commitment to our employees and our overall management of staff.

Staff Update

Amy Rowe has worked with us for 18 months and been working in block management for just over 5 years now. She has done a fantastic job and the natural progression for Amy is to progress up to a Property Manager, so without further ado, Please welcome Amy Rowe in her new role as a Property Manager! Well done Amy!

Employee of the Month

January is a busy time of year for Rynew with many clients getting service charge demands, which heightens the call volumes for the team. This month, this goes to Chris Dunn who answered nearly 500 calls on top of doing his financial processing tasks. Well done Chris, great effort, and well deserved!

Launch of New Rynew Website & Domain

We launched the new Rynew website in December which continues to grow with news and information specific for our customers, suppliers and partners.  Since the launch we have also redirected our email system from MS Outlook to Gmail Business, there are many reasons for this, in the main to streamline our business needs as Google provide a superior platform of tools to help us continue to be at the forefront of technology as a business.

This does mean that our emails are changing, and for ease, we have listed them below.

Main office details: 0203 282 7171 – connect@rynew.co.uk

Alice Parker – Property Manager: 0203 697 8974
Amy Rowe – Property Manager: 0203 846 1231
Marie Wakeling – Property Manager: 0203 617 6178
Christopher Dunn – Service Charge Accountant: 0203 697 8975
Daren Touhey – Founding Director: 0203 846 1230
Desmond Moreira – Managing Director: 0203 697 8972
Laura Haslin – Marketing Manager – 0203 282 7171



Company Performance

Performance is key at Rynew and with improving our customer experience high on our agenda we will be sharing some key performance indicators (KPI’s) regarding where were performing as a business against our set targets for 2018. We are focusing on service delivery and customer service.

System Update

Our new reporting platform ‘Fixflo’ allows us to process and manages issues with ‘tickets; to streamline the processing of the thousands of issues we handle each year, so please read carefully in the coming few days how best you can utilise the system.

It means our customers can report directly into the system fast tracking the process and hopefully making the experience quicker and more transparent than ever before. The system will keep you updated and keep a history of each ticket you have raised and its outcome. This also includes issuing jobs to our contractors, so we expect to see an upward trend on the turnaround times above, as more people engage and use the system.

Thank you for reading, we hope you find the updates useful. We continue to welcome feedback on any service we provide so drop us a line at: connect@rynew.co.uk or give the team a call, we will always look forward to hearing from you.