Maintenance Software Update

We introduced our new maintenance software in our last newsletter and we are pleased to the implementation is going well which will give our residents and easy to use system.

Our new Fixflo Block Plus system is a complete workflow solutions allowing us to spend less time managing contractors and more time adding value to our customers.  With guided repair reporting, contractor management, planned maintenance, one-click work instruction and automated reminders, Block plus is a complete workflow solution.  Fixflo allows us to document all communications both telephone and email into the system creating a ticket for each communication, which is kept as a record and until the matter is resolved.  Tickets that relate to communal matters can be made public for all occupiers to view.

Over the coming weeks we will be contacting all our customers to provide more details, informations and guidance on the roll out of our maintenance system for Fixflo to make the change as seamless as possible.

Website Update

Over the coming weeks we will be launching our new Rynew Services website, aimed to give our customers a better and more enjoyable experience when viewing our services, paying rent, reporting a repair or whether it’s to find out specific information or to catch up on our newsletters, the new site promises to be a fresh informative portal for all.  We aim to have a wealth of information hosted on the site to help and advise you in every area of property management and your property needs, so watch this space.

Service Overview

Eight year ago, we started out offering a block management service and now we have more to offer you – although we may be a small team we like to think we punch above our weight, winning tenders of all scale, getting nominated for awards and of course providing a first class service (CSE accredited) to our residents, leaseholders, developers and resident managers.

We can now help you with all your lettings needs too.

When it comes to handling your property portfolio – from just 1 flat to a whole empire – we put happiness at the heart of everything we do.  We guarantee to find tenants that you’d be happy with to live in your property.  By placing a premium on regular, honest communications, we keep you happy throughout the entire process.

We keep our costs low and don’t serve you with unnecessary charges, so our rates are sure to make you smile.  We make sure that your tenants are happy, secure and comfortable in their home.  So, give us a call today and we can help with all your Lettings needs.

For more information on our Lettings Service, Block Management Service, Building Works and Building Defects please contact our team on 0203 282 7171.


Employee of the Month

Rynew have a fantastic team who all play a vital role in the success of our business, as a result we thought it very important to acknowledge this and recognise the efforts of the team.  We have introduced an employee of the month and this month we would like to celebrate Laura Haslin, our Marketing Manager.

Laura never wavers when asked to do things, and October was a busy month as she was tasked with finalising our new website project, completing an important tender and moving forward with some new marketing materials.  A great attitude and Rynew appreciates the extra miles put in, Well done!