The Team

Our Team away day took us to the heart of Kent to get in touch with our inner Tarzan at Go Ape, Leeds Castle.

A fun day was had by all and it was the perfect way to give our newest team members a warm welcome.  New skills were developed and stronger working relationships created.  Here are just a few snaps from our adventure.


Rynew Services

We are pleased to announce the impending implementation of our new maintenance software, Fixflo.  A fantastic new system to help save time and money with it’s smart repair reporting.

We decided to use Fixflo for it’s many functions, easy to use and makes reporting simple for both residents and ourselves.

Fixflo promises to give us faster fixes, fewer issues and clearer communications.  We will keep you posted on the implementation progress.

Rynew Services

Autumn has crept up on us and we want to help you get your property in tip top condition for the cold and wet months ahead.

It’s the ideal time to take some precautions before the winter weather kicks in, dealing with problems at an early stage can ward off the need for more extensive and expensive repairs later down the line.

Roofing and guttering:

Clean out your gutter and make sure your down pipes and any other outlets are clear of leaves and debris, and make sure you check your roof for any lose tiles which may be affected come snow and ice.

Saving energy and money:

Now is an ideal time to get your boiler serviced or inspected as the reality of cold winter days with now heating and a hefty bill at the end is all too real.  Making sure your loft has adequate insulation to keep your house warm which will save you money.

Home security:

Check that exterior lighting is working for those dark evenings when you are returning from work.

Darker nights mean that your home is more vulnerable to burglary  so check all door and window locks are wrong properly.  You should also ensure your shed, garage and any outbuilding are fitted with suitable locks to deter burglars.